“We’re proud of our people, and we believe that everyone who works in a professional service like Drivertax should be approachable, trustworthy and knowledgeable.”

“From the beginning, I recognised the need for a specialist accountancy service for the hire and reward trade. And so, more than 25 years ago,  Drivertax was born in an office at the end of my garden. Though today our services are more varied and cover other industries, our ethos remains unchanged. That means, as your accountant, we’ll sometimes tell you the uncomfortable truth you need to hear, but rest assured, we’re always on your side.

The creation of the Luvtax Group now provides specialist tax and advice services for many other industries, as well as for larger businesses too. And the processes are the same as when I started: listen to our client’s needs, and then deliver the service that they want.”

Gary Jacobs, Director