Do robot cars dream of electric drivers?

For drivers, the end of our trade that haunts so many of our sleeps is going to have to be postponed for a while.

As we relook at the practicality of driverless cars. It seems that Apple’s driverless project has hit a brick wall. Apple have announced a strategy shift and has fired hundreds of employees involved in the project. Apple’s board have given the project team until the end of 2017 to prove that the project is worthwhile.

The project, dubbed ‘Titan’, was never publicly confirmed by Apple, However, at Apple’s last shareholder meeting, CEO Tim Cook responded to questions by saying “Do you remember when you were a kid, and Christmas Eve, it was so exciting, you weren’t sure what was going to be downstairs?” Cook told investors during Apple’s last shareholder meeting. “Well, it’s going to be Christmas Eve for a while.”

The mass firing of employees came after a decision to abandon plans for their own car, instead focusing on creating the technology for the company with existing car manufacturers. Still, it appears that Apple’s characteristic confidence hasn’t waned, “There will be a massive change in the industry,” Cook said at the Wall Street Journal live. However, former GM and BMW executive Bob Lutz declared while on CNN: “There is absolutely no reason to assume that Apple is going to be financially successful in the electric car business.” Tesla and Google take note…