What can Drivertax do for operators?

The best drivers often generate the most income and they’re usually the ones that your customers like too! So what can you do to ensure you’re working with the best, most loyal and most reliable drivers? Providing the right environment, one where drivers feel looked after and valued – after all, it’s great service that creates loyalty!

Drivertax provides two services designed to assist in driver recruitment and retention.

Tax Surgeries

Our tax surgeries provide your drivers with the opportunity to talk to one of our tax specialists where they’ll provide discreet, independent and confidential tax advice.

  • Free and confidential advice
  • What can you claim for or not
  • What to do if you’re not registered
  • What are your responsibilities as a driver
  • Whether you’re with an accountant or not, we’ll offer independent advice as your value-added service

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Training and Recruitment

How can you make you new drivers feel welcome

We can assist you with your onboarding for your new drivers, so they feel at home in your firm.

  • Help with your onboarding process
  • Dedicated Driver Information Packs
  • Help with driver training
  • Assist drivers in understanding their responsibilities
  • Understanding financial and tax obligations.

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Training Videos for Operators

Use these videos to on-board and/or train your drivers.

These cover the financial obligations of the driver and what it means to be self-employed. They deal with how to register and how to do books and records. This is the information that any good accountant would give to the client in their first meeting, to ensure that they are ready to be self-employed. They can also be accessed on Learn and Earn.

There are also knowledge videos for existing drivers in bite-size chunks on the Drivertax YouTube page.

For more information on our free training and recruitment resources contact us.

Training Video for New Self-Employed Drivers 1

Training Video for New Self-Employed Drivers 2

If you’d like to know more, or you’d like us to run a Tax Surgery for your drivers, please get in touch.