Dear Diary … The MTD Diary Part Two

The purpose of the HMRC visit was to conduct the mapping part of the new MTD website.

The steps involved were:

To link our current agent codes to our new MTD login.

Log in with our new MTD login and then put in our company UTR and our current agent code. This was then checked and confirmed that they had the same history.

If accepted then it was approved.

We then tried to apply the same agent code twice and also added another agent code to make sure that it would let us put in more than one.

HMRC advised that accountants with commercial software could start uplifting client live data from June 17th and that data could be uploaded weekly, monthly or quarterly and that the final declaration, would be the actual tax return for the year.

Authentication for new 64-8 clients is still being tested, as they need to make sure that people are who they say they are but people who are already on our agent code can be moved into the MTD new agent code.

Our two pilot clients would be contacted shortly by HMRC to be authorised, they apologised that this had not already been done previously.

This was another success for the trial (according to HMRC).

I would say it is a small step up a long ladder.