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We defend the legitimate status of drivers.

Genuine self-employment in the private hire industry is under attack, with recent events leading operators to feel helpless against an aggressive status onslaught from HMRC. Some groups in the industry are hoping to abolish the self-employment of private hire drivers, without asking drivers if it is what they want. We believe the freedom to choose is important.

If you are a company that subcontracts drivers, you are expected to be compliant with HMRC’s legislation. As HMRC becomes increasingly stringent, you are more likely than ever to veer into troubled waters, putting your business at risk. Using the Eazico group, including Driverserv, Drivertax and Eazilegal, we introduce our integrated and innovative service which has been around for many years, dealing with private hire, chauffeur and courier companies.

We are here to help you minimise the risks of falling victim to HMRC status legislation. Our service is customised, considering the specific nature of your business. Many operators feel that the potential perils of a HMRC status inspection is inevitable and are resigned to the possibility of fines or even ceasing to trade. That is simply not the case. With our systems, your rights will be defended. To find out more about the various types of protection/protections that we can put in place and exactly who will be defending you in the worst case scenario, go to our ‘About Us’ page.

Step One - What’s your position?

We will undertake a status audit and present you with a written snapshot of your defendable position.

Step Two – What’s your solution?

We will suggest the optimal trading position for you, this may include the following:

  • A commercial contractor that sits in the contractual chain offering driver services.
  • A back-office support service. Offering admin support to the self-employed driver who is contracted directly to the operator.
  • You maintain your existing trading model under our optimisation programme but with a continuing programme of guidance, with Eazilegal acting as a resource and source of advice.
  • We help you to engage drivers as self-employed individuals whilst adhering to Section 44 of the Finance Act. All of this can be covered by Accountax’s insurance product which can underwrite your defense costs and even cover back taxes.

Step Three – How do we implement it?

We will present the best solutions for you, in a formalised written document. If you use our driver payment system, we will roadshow the concept to your drivers, offering professional support and advice. Face to face and one-to-one. We will also offer you the chance to use our sister accountancy company, to do your drivers’ tax returns at an unbeatably/exceptionally low rate, whilst still offering the same level of expertise and industry experience. The greater your drivers’, the greater your protection.

Let’s Get Started

The service that we offer is tailored/bespoke to your needs.
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"Next to being shot at and missed, nothing is really quite as satisfying as an income tax refund.”

F. J. Raymond, humorist